DEMSU S.A. founded in 1995 due to the growing demand for tools and injection molds in the automotive sector in the county of Vigo.

DEMSU S.A. is a dynamic company, evidenced by our increasing staff numbers, which from an initial team of 7 members, has been increasing over time. The company sells its products under the brand DEMSU.

In our facilities, we provide for our customers:

  • 2 gantry cranes with 16 TN and 5 TN respectively.
  • 2 machining centres of high velocity.
  • 2 electro erosion machines (Ona an Charmillles)
  • An adjustment and erection zone
  • A polishing room and a metrology room
  • Appropriate Design Software like Catia v5, Unigrafix and Mechanical desktop.
  • CAM Software like hirpermill and machining strategist.

Work to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring the most appropriate solution to each of your expectations, offering personalised service and a recognized quality.

Our people have extensive experience in the moulding process, which in conjunction with our advanced technological equipment, allows us to undertake projects of the greatest difficulty, while respecting the books of charges and quality standards of our customers as well as the confidentiality of the projects, our ability to adapt to change and our quick response to potential setbacks.